Excursions & Outdoor Activities

Excursion Facilities:

AN HOA RESIDENCE is near to several worth exploring sites such as:
At Minh Dam, 5 km from Long Hai, there are caves and underground tunnels with historical legends during the Vietnam War. Nearby, there is a mountain on top temple with great panoramic.
Phap Hoa Pagoda , 4km away, is a peaceful pagoda in a forest with a lot of wild monkeys.There are some good trails here for short hikes.
At about 45 km north of Long Hai, there is hot spring range from 370C to 400C  at Binh Chau, the mud baths and the minerals in the water will be beneficial to the bones, muscles and skin,  improving blood circulation. Visitors can enjoy to boil eggs in the hottest source ( 820 C ) .
Daily excursions : Vung Tau City Tour
                                    Vung Tau Ocean Park
                                    Fishing tour by canoe or boat
                                    Long Son Island (Mr. Tran’s religion) 
                                    Discovery  Binh Chau Ecology Forest 
AN HOA RESIDENCE is very pleased to inform that our bicycles are at your disposal and free of charge during your stay.
There are no good or bad seasons for visiting Vietnam .
When one region is wet, cold or steamy hot, there is always somewhere else that is sunny and pleasantly warm. It is the case in the area of AN HOA RESIDENCE located 2 km north- east of Long Hai Village, which benefits from a “micro-climate” even during the raining seasons generally between May to October..
The annual average temperature is in the range of 26 degree to 31 degree Celsius.